Anatomy of a Flogger

When placing a custom order or asking a question about a flogger it can be helpful to be on the same page as far as the parts of a flogger. I present to you; Flogger Anatomy.

Flogger anatomy


Every flogger maker has their own particular style. Below are the basic handle braid styles I use when making floggers.

Here are the handle Styles we offer;

Handle Styles

 Tri Color Handle

Types of Leather


Number and Width of Tails

I make floggers in four different lengths which may change depending on the type of flogger. A standard flogger has tails cut at 1/2″ wide and approx 30 in number. A mop has around 60 tails and a bastard flogger has around 45.

Mini- 14″ long tails

Shorty- 16″ long

Medium (standard length)- 20″ long

Long – 23/24″ long


What is a Mop Flogger?

Mop floggers are floggers with double to amount of tails of a normal flogger. They provide a thuddier, more all-encompassing impact. The downside is they can be on the heavier side and are more expensive due to the added leather and more complicated construction techniques needed.

If you’re looking for a super thuddy flogger but don’t want all the weight of a mop, I recommend my Tassel Tail Floggers.