Carciphona by Shilin

This lady is amazing.


Not only is her art astounding and the manga she is writing off the hook, but she is actually a really chill person. You can read her manga for free at and you should definitely check out her Deviant Art account.

I cannot begin to tell you guys how obsessed with this art I have become. It’s bad. I really really want to make the bracelet that Blackbird wears in the manga because its awesome and mysterious and cool.

Shilin also streams on Twitch and you can watch her draw and ask her questions and talk about pizza.

Twitch is a new thing that friends of mine have been talking about for a long time and I am finally just getting interested in. There are a bunch of leather workers who stream from their studios while they work and talk about their process and are super friendly in general. I may start doing a semi regular stream but don’t have anything hard set yet.