Custom Laser Cut Dress for the Lovely Lady Scarlett Sin

I recently had the opportunity to work on a beautiful dress for the amazing Scarlett Sin This dress was in celebration of her winning Ms LA Leather!

The breakdown of the dress is 3 panels of black deertan cowhide laser cut with her logo and custom filigree patterns. You can see a timelapse of the pieces being cut out for the pattern here;

Once each piece of black leather is cut they’re backed with red suede to show the design. The inside lining is made of red satin.

The dress has a corset back so there are 8 spiral steel bones to allow for some cinching. The first rendition of the dress looked like this;

After the first fitting we decided to drop the neckline and add a button panel to the front to hide the zipper as well as add some ruffles to the bottom in order to add some length and further accentuate the swallow tail. And here is the dress’s final form!

If you would like to commission a dress or piece of clothing/custom wearable then please email me at