Events Firebird Leather is vending at;

DomCon LA 2017 May 19th-21st



Nix teaches the following;

Floggers 101- A run down of the basic makeup of a flogger, how to choose one for you, flogger balance, types of leather and flogging technique including how to flog for your body type.

Cleaning your Leather Toys- *Workshop* This class teaches people how to clean and care for their leather toys. Best done in an environment where people can bring a toy of their own to clean. Leather care supplies available for purchase during the class.

Needles 101 – Basic needle play using hypodermic needles

Decorative needle play- Incorporating decorative items into needle play safely


To book Nix for any of the above please email

Floggers 101 is available as a Skype class. Nix lives in Los Angeles and will rarely travel to teach.