I make many types of custom order items, all the way from leather ball gowns to dog leashes. Much of my custom work is not pictured here, so don’t be afraid to ask.

How to Place a Custom Order


The best place to contact me about custom orders is through my email at Nix@firebirdleather.com

If I haven’t answered within 24 hours then your email may have gotten lost and I recommend you try messaging me at my Etsy Store.  I am happy to answer questions via phone or Skype but ultimately your order will be placed online and through email or messaging. I NEVER accept credit card info over the phone. 

If you are interested in clothing please see my How to Guide first to save us both a little time.

When messaging me about ordering a flogger please have the following info ready;

-What kind of leather you would like your flogger made out of
-The colors you would like in your flogger
-If you have a specific type of flogger style, I.E. Cat o Nine, tassel tail, J&K etc
-The length of the tails

If you don’t know the answers to these questions please see my Flogger FAQ

If you’re looking for a wearable item such as a headdress or armor please include reference photos. If you’re looking for a custom design include photos that are close or have elements of what you’re looking for. Please also include the date you need the item by.

Things NOT to include in your custom order inquiry (its not that I dont enjoy these, but they do waste time)

Do NOT tell me “I want you to use your creativity, surprise me!” In the end, you are paying me to create something you are hopefully going to use and enjoy. In order to do that you need to make some decisions about what you want. It’s fine to leave small details like color, braid style, etc up to me but if you just want something I made when I had too much wine and thought “What if I did this?!” then all of those things are in my store as one of a kind pieces and you can just purchase those outright without submitting custom orders.

For more information on our order policies please visit our Shop Policy Page.