Who is Firebird Leather?

Firebird Leather is the result of Nix Rodriguez’s lifelong inability to leave shiny things alone. Leather work originally began as a passion project, then became a part time job. Nix learned her craft through a series of happy failures and baffling successes. Eventually, Nix grew tired of constantly getting on airplanes and living in hotel rooms for her job as a live sound engineer. In 2014 Nix made the part-time gig a full-time event.

Years went by with Nix working two full-time jobs. They spent the night mixing audio for amazing bands and events. Then, once the stage came down, breaking out their leather working kit to ship orders out while on the road. In 2014 Nix switched gears and made running the leather shop the main act.

Firebird Leather opened a retail location on Hollywood Blvd. The shop was just a few doors down from the still operating punk rock leather store that was the genesis of Nix’s leather obsession. At some point in ancient history, a ten-year-old Nix stumbled into the iconic shop. Nix was enthralled by the scent of leather and the combination of shine and dark.

So began the infatuation that led to Firebird Leather taking up residence nearby. After a year Nix decided the daylight hours and tourists of the Blvd just weren’t conducive to living a long prison-free life and moved the studio to a private location.

Mercifully, the new studio is daylight and tourist free, and provides essential access to the required caffeine. Here Wearables for the Bold are created. Using leather, feathers, fur, and scales, Nix makes items most likely spotted on the SyFy channel, indie fantasy/science fiction films, and stage productions.

Need to make a show stopping entrance? You can find one of a kind items in the online store. Nix upholds her engineer roots by incorporating electronics into her work to create sound reactive LED armor, headdresses, ball gowns, body harnesses, and other original designs.

The first leather items Nix ever made were floggers and are still considered their specialty. Great attention is paid to balance, throw, and design. Nix makes some designs that are entirely unique and cannot be found anywhere else.


Nix from Firebird Leather
Nix, the maker and owner behind Firebird Leather hiding inside their shop.