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Ordering Custom Clothing- A How To

So you have decided that you want something made just for you! Great. The first step is knowing what it is that you want. To be frank; emails saying something like “I want a custom piece of clothing but I don’t know what, or what style, or what colors”, is going to waste both our time.

Before you contact me you need to have some ideas of what you’re looking for. I am happy to design and sketch a unique piece for you, but I need some basics. Please have the following included in your email;

Type of clothing- Coat, Dress, Vest, Corset, etc

Colors you like

Style- Formal, Fetish, Steampunk, Goth, etc


Another thing that is very helpful, both to me and to you, is gathering a few reference photos. What is great for this is Pinterest. On Pinterest you can search images and styles of pretty much anything. You don’t have to find something that is an exact match for what you want, but if it has the right color, the right vibe or you like a small piece of it then put a collection of these in a board and send me the link along with the above info.

Budget- If you know the budget that you’re looking in then please include that as well. My price is based on a fixed formula that calculates materials + time+ other factors, so I’m not going to go for the highest number you name just to try and price gouge you. But please keep in mind that leather is expensive and when you have a custom item made for you it involves hours of design work and sketching to make sure we create an item you like, an appointment to take measurements, creating a custom pattern to your measurements and refining the pattern and sourcing materials. And all this happens before I even touch the leather I’ll be using for your piece.


What NOT to do;

Don’t tell me you just want me to do whatever and use my own artistic freedom. If you want those things they are already up in the store. This is going to be an expensive garment and the deposit is nonrefundable. I am not taking the risk of just making whatever to have a client not like it and then be out the cost of my time and the loss of profit I could have made on other projects, as well as having an unhappy client. It’s not worth it to either of us.

When the order is placed I will tell you what my turn around time is. Do Not contact me every few days asking for an update. It gets old really fast and the most likely answer is that there is no news. My turnaround times mean that there are people in the queue ahead of you. When I start working on your project it will most likely be toward the end of the turn around time and I will work on it all in one block of time from start to finish.

Do not harass me for progress shots. For the same reason as stated above, work on your order is going to get done all in one big block, not spread out over the weeks of the turn around time. It slows me down a lot to take progress shots and I will only do it in cases where the creation process is going to have something visually interesting happen and it will go up on my Instagram.



Once you have all your info together email me at nix@firebirdleather.com

When I have all the necessary info I will send you some sketches. When we have one that you like then we book an appointment to have you come in for measurements. (If you’re out of town I can send you a worksheet)

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to start orders.

When your order is ready we book an appointment to have you come in for a fitting. If any alterations need to be made it usually takes another week. Once all that is complete and the fit is right then final payment is due upon pickup or shipping.