BDSM Title Competition Donation Application

Donation requests from people running in a BDSM title competition are starting to come in now that the new year is approaching. This year Firebird Leather is doing something different. We get way too many requests to be able to say yes to them all. In the past, we have picked a few and given some small donation item and called it a day.

But here is the thing, not every title holder or runner supports the same values as we do. Not all focus on the issues we care about or is someone who we would personally support to be a representative of the community. Being a titleholder is supposed to be an important job. We have title holders to teach new people, perform outreach, educate, and represent. That’s a big deal and we would like to throw our support behind someone who we believe in.

BDSM Title Competition Donation

This time we will be picking one person to receive a donation worth $400. The basket will contain at least one of Nix’s signature pieces and some other items. Please fill out this form to be considered for the donation basket.