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Green Knot Elk Flogger - In Stock
Green Knot Elk Flogger - In Stock
Green Knot Elk Flogger - In Stock

Green Knot Elk Flogger - In Stock

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Elk is one of the most sought-after leather for floggers for its softness and wonderfully thuddy sensation. It has very little sting and a loud impact that really adds to the atmosphere of a scene. The handle of this flogger is braided in beautiful hunter green and black.

I recommend elk as a medium-weight piece that is good for warm-ups and medium level play. Elk rarely leaves lasting marks and is great for sensation play. 

I make all of my floggers by hand in my studio in Los Angeles. They have steel cores and are balanced. My elk comes from an American tannery and is responsibly sourced. It is thicker with a more spongey feeling than seen in many tanneries.

Please note that colors differ from monitor to monitor and if you require a specific shade please request a color swatch. I do not guarantee that the product will be an exact match for your monitor.

This flogger has 20-inch tails and an 8-inch handle. 

*It is common for elk and other game leathers such as deer and bison to "fluff" a lot when they are new. We do our best to de fluff your flogger before it goes out but the best way to really de fluff a flogger is to use it. The fluff is like a bunch of little black flecks. We recommend you keep your flogger away from white carpets, cloth furniture, etc until it has entirely defluffed. The fluffed is a normal part of the cutting process and does not mean there is anything wrong with the leather.