Black Feather Headdress
black feather headdress

Black Feather Headdress Mohawk - Made to Order

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$ 332.00

This headdress is made entirely of black feathers that have a really lovely green and purple iridescence in bright sunlight. It is about 16 inches tall. Headdresses add a ton presence to any costume and can be used for different events from fantasy balls, renaissance fairs, concerts, and dungeon parties.  

The mohawk headdress is very light weighing in at 8 ounces!! They don’t put any weight on your neck and it is easy to forget you are even wearing it. Watch out for low door frames and ceiling fans.

The headdress can be worn with either the elastic and clips attachment or an adjustable leather harness. If you plan on being outdoors with winds then the harness is the most secure choice. 

 To see a video of how the clips and elastic work you can visit Firebird Leather's facebook page or follow this link-