Chimera Flogger
Chimera Flogger

Chimera Flogger

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This is a Chimera Flogger. It is made of many different leather hides with many different tail styles. There are braided tails, twisted tails, thumper tails, straight tails, beaded cat o nine tails...the works. 

These tend to have a very thuddy, hard impact that is slightly different every time. This is a large flogger and is heavy in the hand, not just the hit. It is balanced and has a steel core.

I make these floggers very rarely due to how many hides go into making each one. They are not available by request or for order as I cannot predict how each one will turn out. I love these floggers for their variety and their Holy Shit factor. 

The handle is 11 inches long, the tails are 22 inches long.