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The Four Horsemen Flogger Set and Roll Up bag- May

The Four Horsemen Flogger Set and Roll Up bag- May

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War is a cat o nine made with rhinestone tails. The rhinestones are made of glass and embedded into the tail. They will not fall off or become dislodged unless the tail is damaged. This is a VERY intense piece and should be used by experienced players. 

Wash with soap and water and do NOT expose to high heat.

Pestilence- A bloody rosary is suspended in the handle. The tails are dark red Oryx leather which is soft and dense. This is a luxurious and thuddy piece.

Famine- Gold flake and a small bat skull are embedded in the handle. It is a dragon tail made with gold foil leather embossed with a filigree pattern and latigo bolsters.

Death- The handle has a cat tail seed above a pile of bones and false gold. The tails are a light thumper made with Italian goatskin. The braided portion of the tails are made with prismatic leather that colorshifts.

This set comes with its own custom leather roll up bag. The bag has compartments that allow each flogger to lay straight and protected. 

The roll-up bag has soft lining on the inside and the outside is done veg tan (NOT VEGAN) leather. Veg tan leather is short for vegetable-tanned leather. It's a more natural tanning process and the leather changes as it ages taking on it's own patina in accordance with its use.

The engraved pocket on the front features the four Horsemen by Albrecht Durer.

Each piece is fully functional as a toy and built to be used. 

The horses are cast in heavy resin. Each horse is different. The theme of this set is a little roughed up, a little worn. None of the horses are perfect. 

Please note that if you decide to make this collection yours that it is not a pristine seamless creation. Every piece is a bit raw, a bit unfiltered. This is one of the first flogger sets I've made that I would put more in the art category than the toy category, even though it can be both and these pieces are made to be used.

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