Evil unicorn spanking paddle
Evil unicorn spanking paddle
Evil unicorn spanking paddle

Evil unicorn spanking paddle

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This toy is for experienced players only.

This is a spanking paddle with large, sharp, pointy pyramids embedded in it. The pyramids can draw blood, even with fairly low impact hits. In "R&D" tests it was reported that the pyramid side feels "annoying and pokey" and the flat, imp side is actually more painful.

I recommend creating a tarped off splash zone before use.

13"x6", the sizes of the pyramids vary.

Safe to clean with alcohol, Hibiclens, soapy water, etc, Do NOT place in dishwasher for cleaning. The pyramids have a melting/soft point of 170 degrees Celsius. I recommend full immersion/some soaking into a cleaning solution for cleaning and light scrubbing with a soft bristle brush or a soft toothbrush. The pyramids do have very small crevices that can be difficult to see, which is why we recommend full immersion/soaking for cleaning. Let the paddle air dry, be very careful if wiping down with a cloth as the cloth can catch on the pyramids and break the tips.

Do not expose to prolonged heat (like leaving in a hot car). 

The pyramids are made with a biofriendly plastic and the paddle body is made of hard plastic with an acrylic core. The pyramids turn from white to pink in UV light.

 The paddle in the photos is the one you will receive.