Flogger Making Workshop Tickets

Flogger Making Workshop Tickets

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Have you ever wanted to make your own flogger and learn the basics of BDSM leatherwork?

Firebird Leather has been serving the kink community for over a decade creating high-end BDSM gear. This class takes place in their studio and is taught by Nix, the maker and designer behind all of the Firebird Leather products. This class will cover handle braiding, types of leather and their uses, flogger balance and types of floggers.

During this class, you will build your own flogger like the one pictured below. 



 In order to take advantage of this class you must be able to;

handle sharp tools such as shears and rotary blades

handle leather (we do not offer vegan options)

use small tools such as beading pliers

Address and instructions on how to get to the studio will be emailed within 48 hours of the purchase of your ticket. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM MAIL. The studio is located within the Brewery Artist Lofts in Los Angeles.

Attendees will get to choose their handle braid colors from the following options;

All Black, Black and Purple, Black and Red, Black and Green

All floggers will have black tails and butts.

Turks head knots will not be covered in this class as this is a knot that can take years of practice to master, but Nix will happily tie knots on your floggers for you if you wish.


**Unfortunately, our studio location is not as accessible as we would like. Attendees must be able to climb stairs in order to access the studio. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.