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Large King Demon Horns for Costumes and Cosplay- Made to order

Large King Demon Horns for Costumes and Cosplay- Made to order

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These horns are beautifully detailed with tiny little spines and really unique curvature. They're definitely a step apart from a lot of the horns out there. They have a very organic shape which makes them seem more "real" even though they are not a replica of a real animal horn.

These are meant for customers or cosplayers looking for unfinished horns to add paint and texturing to for their costume. You can wear them as is but they really shine when they're all finished up. 

The horns pictured in the print are completely unfinished, with no primer and only a bit of touch-up work to remove scaring. This is how they will ship.

The horns are sold by the pair. The price is for both. You can choose to have the mounted on the headband as shown or shipped unmounted as just the horns.

The mounted horns DO SLIDE UP AND DOWN ON THE HEADBAND. This is on purpose so that people can adjust them to their head size. They will not slide once put on. There is a layer of padding between the horn and the wearers head. The headbands is elastic and adjustable.

Our horns are 3D printed in PLA (a nontoxic and biodegradable plastic). These horns do have to print with supports that can leave small scars on the print. We do our best to make sure all supports are in the "hidden" parts of the horn but it is one of the things that makes this a "raw" material. 

Tips on finishing 3D prints;

We do not recommend sanding the bare PLA. This is time-consuming and gets mixed results. Use a primer like Krylon All Purpose Bonding Primer (found online or in many auto shops) as a base. This will smooth out the print and provide a much better sanding and painting foundation.


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