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Locks and locking buckles for Collar and Cuffs

Locks and locking buckles for Collar and Cuffs

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Purchasing a collar or cuffs from us and want to add a locking buckle? Need some locks to go with it? Add these to your cart along with your collar/cuffs and we will swap out the normal buckle for the locking one.

Do not purchase this item alone. If you do we will cancel your transaction as this can only be added to newly purchased items and must be done at the same time as your collar/cuff purchase.

If you would like to add locking buckles and locks to your purchase you will have to add the locking buckles to your cart first, and then the lock you want. You will need one lock per buckle, so a collar would need one lock, a collar and cuff set would need 3 locks, and a cuff set would need 2 locks.

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