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Mood Ring Sevine Chameleon Flogger

Mood Ring Sevine Chameleon Flogger

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This piece changes colors when you touch it! The Sevine starts at black when resting, then when exposed to heat, like body heat, it changes colors when exposed to temps between 80-98 F.

The tails are made with our custom tanned chameleon leather and black deerskin. The chameleon leather reflects the colors of the things around it, a bit like a mirror and it kind of defaults to purple/green duochrome. It has a touch of sting to it and the deerskin balances it out with some thud. 

The tails are 20 inches long, the Sevine handle is 5.5 inches long.

Every Sevine is different and the mood ring effect can look different from piece to piece. Some have a more wavy look when they shift colors, and others are more solid. Some have minor dark spots. This is completely normal, but if it breaks the deal for you then do not purchase because all sales are final.

I recommend storing these in the fabric cover they come with because scratching the handle can ruin the mood ring effect.

All of my floggers are made by hand in my studio in Los Angeles. These floggers use leather than comes from a tannery that strives for eco-friendly tanning practices. 


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