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Red Rhinestone Little Thwacker

Red Rhinestone Little Thwacker

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Little Thwackers are exactly what the name says. They're small, they've vicious and they're great for targetted stinging hits. They're a little like a paddle and a dragontail had a baby. An angry baby.

The tail of this piece is coated in red rhinestones, NOT GLITTER. The rhinestones are embedded in a layer of thermoplastic that holds them tight. They will not flake off or dislodge without quite a bit of effort and digging. (Theyre usually used to line shoes, so they're meant to take abuse)

*Do not expose it to heat, like leaving it in a hot car, etc. It will melt or soften the thermoplastic and every piece of fluff on the planet will instantly attach to to it. Once it cool it will be fine, but the fluff will remain for all time.

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