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Rattlesnake bone Nubuck Flogger

Rattlesnake bone Nubuck Flogger

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The handle of this flogger has a real rattlesnake bones encased in the handle. These clear handle pieces are very sturdy. The tube is actually a quarter inch thick and creates and optical illusion that the contents inside reach the edges of the handle, the bones inside are actually very small.

While the handles are strong they can be scratched, so it is a good idea to store this flogger away from other toys or with something like a sock over the handle.

Nubuck is a wonderful leather. Similar to suede it has a fuzzy soft touch on both sides, but due to the way it is made it is stronger than suede as it retains the top grain structure. I would put this piece in the medium intensity range.

The tails are 20 inches long with a 10 inch handle.

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