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Seashell Sevine Scorpion with Stingray Tail

Seashell Sevine Scorpion with Stingray Tail

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This Sevine is done in a seaglass style and has a matte finish, unlike most of the clearcoat Sevines.

There are real seashells embedded in the handle. The braided sections is braided in paracord with a bullhide core and two leather bolsters and braided bellies. The tail is made with Stingray hide.

Stingray is covered in little calcified nodules that make the hide like liquid bone. This is an INTENSE toy and packs a big punch. It can easily draw blood and should be used by experienced players only. The entire piece is 32 inches long. The handle is 6 inches and the stingray portion is 14 inches.

This is a rare piece and possibly one of a kind.

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