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The Good Doctor Set

The Good Doctor Set

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This is a one of a kind creation. I found a vintage doctor's bag and made some changes. I fixed it up and filled it with some toys and added some of my own embellishments.

Note- This is a real vintage bag. It has some wear and tear and marks. I've left certain elements that tell its story, like the labels of the medications on the trays. It works and is entirely functional, but if you're looking for a pristine item in brand new condition from the factory, this is not it. This bag has a story.

Included in the bag;

12 rope blocks (blocks used for sadistic rope work)

Full set of Claw rings

1 pair of skull ball handle floggers

1 suede dragon tongue with a traditional handle

1 cat o nine tails with metal skull rings at the end of the tails

The entire set is sold together. This is a one of a kind piece and entirely unique. The inside is lined in brown leather. Some panels I chose not to line for the sake of clearances and allowing the bag to function properly. The bag is completely hard sided with not soft outside panels. The skull and filigree accent pieces are screwed into the wood. 

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