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Valkyrie Feather Headdress - Festival Headdress, Mardi Gras Headress

Valkyrie Feather Headdress - Festival Headdress, Mardi Gras Headress

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This headdress is one of our pride and joys. It has a unique profile with its tall feathered "wings" that use over 50 types of feathers layered and mixed together to give it texture and depth. The ornamental elements are 3D printed and given a metallic finish. Why 3D printing? It is lightweight and the plastic we use is biodegradable.

Gold spikes surround the face along with individually placed rhinestones. At the sides of the face are accent wings in two tiers. They are made in layers of black and gold for texture and detail. The raven skulls on top are a dark gold and the center one has a metal halo.

The headdress is made with a helm design which fully encapsulates most of the head. It is flexible and is padded underneath. It also has securing straps to adjust to size if needed. The headdress can be worn without using the straps but if you are going to be somewhere windy, dancing, or doing other strenuous activity the straps may be useful. The back of the headdress is covered in aluminum metal scales in gold and then has a metal "cloth" drape beneath that protects the back of the neck.

Sizing- The headdress has straps inside that can adjust the size. It was built on a 23" circumference head and can be comfortably worn by someone with a 20-26 inch circumference head.

Shipping and storage- The headdress ships in a very large box with a styrofoam head. Keep this head for storing your headdress. All packages are sent with tracking numbers. Signature delivery only upon request. Your address must be able to accept large packages. We are not responsible for non deliverable addresses and reshipment charges will apply. Feather headdresses should be stored with either cedar blocks or mothballs. Moths love to eat feathers. Do not expose your headdress to prolonged heat (like leaving it in a hot car).

Headdress dimensions;

Height (from chin to top of feather wing) = 26"
Width= 22"

All of my headdresses are made by hand in my studio in Los Angeles.
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