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Wavewalker Set and Chest

Wavewalker Set and Chest

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This set comes in a custom chest made with clear acrylic panels, 3D printed mermaids and tentacles, and real seashells embedded in the sides.

The chest has a lock in the front. It is delicate so I recommend leaving the key inside and using it as a clasp to keep the lid shut, but if you choose you can remove the key and leave it locked. Be gentle, a soft turn to the right opens the chest. Center the key to lock it. Several keys will be sent with the chest.

The chest has two levels. The Sevine scorpion rests on top and has a padded bed to rest on. Pull on the braided leather straps to raise her platform and get to the Wavewalker hidden beneath. 

The Sevine scorpion is made with real seashells in her legs. The stinger of the scorpion is made with Stingray hide. It packs a punch! Not for the faint of heart. Use caution, it can cut.

The Wavewalker flogger also has seashells embedded in the handle and has tails of water buffalo hide. They are pliable and cushy and have a nice medium weight impact. The handle is 10 inches long and the tails are 22 inches. 

A must-have set for any mermaid, or those looking for something fantastical to add to their collection. 

Stingray is sourced from animals killed for food. It is not an exotic hide and does not come from any endangered or protected species. :) The water buffalo is sourced the same and tanned at a tannery that is making great strides to eco friendly tanning.



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