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Reliquary and the Four Horsemen

Reliquary and the Four Horsemen are part of the Private Collection. This collection is released every 2 months. The upcoming collection will be released Nov 28th at 1 pm, PST.

You must be signed up for the newsletter to get the passcode to access the collection. You can sign up for the newsletter on the home page of our website. Scroll down to see the sign up form. 

The code goes out the day the collection drops, not when you sign up for the email list. 

Every addition to Reliquary is different and every Four Horsemen set is unique as well. The Four Horsemen will only have 10 sets made. 3 have been sold so only 7 more will be made.

I do not take requests or custom orders for these items. 

Reliquary is made with real human bone and cannot ship to the following states, GA, LA, and TN. If you live in these states I am sorry but I cannot ship to these addresses and your order will be cancelled.

International- due to the complications of shipping these items internationally and dealing with the laws of different countries, Reliquary will NOT ship internationally.