Reliquary and the Four Horsemen

Reliquary and the Four Horsemen are part of the Private Collection. This collection is released every 2 months. The upcoming collection will be released March 6th 2021 at 1 pm, PST.

The collection usually sells out in 12-24 hours with most of the items going in the first 30 minutes. If you are trying to get your hands on a specific item, I recommend you log in right at 1pm on the day the collection drops.

You must be signed up for the newsletter to get the passcode to access the collection. You can sign up for the newsletter on the home page of our website. Scroll down to see the sign up form. 

The code goes out the day the collection drops, not when you sign up for the email list. 

Every addition to Reliquary is different and every Four Horsemen set is unique as well. The Four Horsemen will only have 10 sets made. 5 have been sold so only 5 more will be made.

I do not take requests or custom orders for these items. 


Reliquary FAQ;

Q- Where do you get the bones?

A- Back in the day people studying to become doctors at certain medical schools were required to have a human skeleton for study. There were companies that specialized in selling the skeletons to medical students. Today students are obviously not required to have their own bone collections, but often these old collections were passed down through families or discarded and forgotten. Certain companies work to acquire these bones and put them back into the hands of those who wish to study them or use them in art. This is where we acquire the bones.

Q- Is it legal?

A- It is legal to own human BONES in all the states of the US. (Organs are a different story). However, it is illegal to sell human bones in LA, GA, and TN. Therefore, we cannot ship to these states. Please do not order if you are from these states. If you do, your order will be cancelled and I will be highly annoyed with you.

Q- Do you have paperwork for the bones?

A- No. These bones do not have any paperwork attached to them, which is standard for these bones as they were not sold to the original medical student with identifying paperwork and they frequently reside in a forgotten dusty corner for years before being found. No paperwork is required to own them. I cannot generate any paperwork for them as it would be considered forging documents.

Q- Can you ship internationally?

A- Every country has its own laws regarding the sale of human bones. I report all customs information ACCURATELY. Basically, if you purchase one of these sets it is at your own risk and all sales are final. I am not responsible if your item is seized by customs and I will not provide refunds. You are responsible for abiding by the laws of your country. International purchase is at your own risk.

Q- Where can you NOT ship Reliquary?

A- Lousiana, Georgia, and Tennessee (as well as any country with laws against it- see international shipping). If you reside in any of these states please do not order any Reliquary pieces. If you do, your order will be cancelled and I will be annoyed with you.

Q- Why human bones? Isn't that gross/disrespectful, etc?

A-This is really a matter of opinion. The culture of sanctity surrounding human remains and the stigma around remains that dictates that the only proper way to treat them is with burial/cremation is not universal. Many cultures create art, structures, icons, religious sites, and more with bones of the dead.

The assumption that bones *must* be treated a certain way or its "wrong" is presumptive and, frankly, rather arrogant as it assumes that your cultures way is the only right way.

There also seems to be quite a bit of vitriol directed at this collection for the fact that I've turned them into items used for kink. This really speaks more toward people's own issues with their sexuality and ideas that sex and kink are "dirty" and therefore I am disrespecting the bones. 

I encourage people who find themselves offended by this collection to do some study on different cultures relationships to the dead now and throughout history to expand their view and help them let go of their culturally ingrained stigma. The white American western death tradition is not the only one in existence. 

Human bones used in art and in crafting practical tools and items goes back to the dawn of human history. I am always curious if the people who attack me over this collection do the same to artists who have their human bone art featured in galleries around the world. Do they also rail against the Capuchin crypts in Rome, the Paris Catacombs, the bone church in the Sedlec Ossuary, or the reliquaries that can be found in many museums in Italy that feature historical art?

I can understand Reliquary is not for everyone. That is perfectly okay! 

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