Private Collection

The next Private Collection drop is June 8th 2024, 1pm CST.


The collections usually sell out within 12-24 hours with most large items and custom sets going in the first minute. 

You must be signed up for you newsletter in order to get the code required to log in to the Private Collection. You can sign up at the bottom of this page.


If you do not sign up before 1pm on the day of the collection release you will not be able to access that months collection. Items in the PC sell out very quickly, we recommend you log in at 1pm.

You only need to sign up once to receive the newsletter with the code for subsequent collections.





Q-I thought I signed up for your collection but haven't gotten an email. Am I on the list?

A- You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours when you sign up for the newsletter. If you don't receive this email then your sign up was not successful. Check your spam. It can take a few hours for the confirmation email to go through.

Emails with the code are only sent out the MOMENT the collection drops at 1pm PST on the designated day.

If you signed up and received the confirmation email and still didn't get the newsletter with the code when it went out then I recommend checking your spam folder and signing up again if needed. WE CANNOT TROUBLESHOOT THIS FOR YOU. The email is sent out to thousands of people all at the same time and we have no way of finding out why your email for some reason didn't receive it. The most common reasons are, we went to spam, were caught in your emails filter (white list to avoid this) or you signed up with the incorrect address.

Q- Why do I have to sign up for the email list to give you money for a thing?

A- Makers like me are constantly censored or kicked off social media and advertising platforms which are the lifeblood of our business. It's the way we reach people about our stuff! The mailing list is a list we control, so when we are ousted from a platform we can still reach our audience. 

Most companies keep a mailing list of some kind and they usually sign you up for it automatically, so this isn't exactly a radical notion.

Also, our items sell so fast that many people had been trying for years to snag an item when they were just posted at random times. The launch and restricted access drops give our truly interested parties a more fair chance. 

Q- I am looking for the Four Horsemen, Reliquary, Dragon Kings, Nyx, Icarus,  or Wavewalker. Where can I buy them?

A- Only in the Private Collection. I do not take orders or custom requests for these items.

Q- I want to purchase X item from the Private Collection but did not catch the collection in time. Can I place a custom order for the item?

A- Unfortunately, no. The private collection is full of items that are limited editions and one of a kind.

Q- I placed an order from the Private Collection but it hasn't shipped yet. Where's my stuff?

A- I work through shipping the orders for the PC as fast I can but it is a large sale and I have to take all of the boxes in shifts to the shipment center as there are too many to fit in one load in my vehicle. Be patient. It can take up to a week and a half for all the PC items to go out sometimes.

Q- I ordered something from Reliquary, and I read your info about where the bones come from, but can you give me paperwork for customs/ my own reasons/ to document where the bones came from?

A- No. It is legal to own human bones in all 50 states. It is illegal to sell them in TN, GA, and LA and we will not ship to those states. No paperwork accompanies the bones and we cannot produce any as that can be construed as forging document. NO DOCUMENTATION IS REQURED TO OWN HUMAN BONES. 

For international orders, you must check the laws for your country as to the import of human bones. If it is legal in your country then there should be no problem with customs. I CANNOT PROVIDE ANY PAPERWORK OF LEGAL BEARING ABOUT THE BONES BEYOND AN INVOICE. You are responsible for dealing with the customs rules of your country.