Out of Shop Jan 3rd -23rd. Orders for this time period will ship when we return.


Firebird Leather is refraining from vending at many of our normal events for 2020 in order to focus on expanding our production ability. We hope to have more of our products in stock on the website consistently. You guys are so awesome that we are sold out more often than not and want to you to be able to purchase our items when you want them, and not have to wait!

Our website has the full run of all of our products, even more than you would see at any given show!

LA Kink Pride- ONLINE


 Other events to be aware of;

We will be out of the shop during these dates. All orders scheduled to ship during these days will be shipped when we return.

Sept 2nd-8th - Out of Shop

October 23rd-31st- Out of Shop

Jan 3rd-23rd 2021- Out of shop