Firebird Leather vends at various events around the US. Here is a list of where we will be for 2019.


Rosethorn High- Nov 3rd

This is not an event where Firebird Leather is vending. Nix, the maker behind Firebird Leather is teaching two classes; High Protocol and Advanced Needles


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 Nov 10th- Flogger Making Workshop  SOLD OUT

Taught in the Firebird Leather studio by Nix you will learn the basics of flogger making and have the chance to make your own flogger. In this class we will cover handle braiding, the different types of leather and what they mean for floggers, balance, and types of floggers. Limited tickets are available here- 



Jan 11th - Advanced Needles 

This is a two hour long class that covers advanced needle play. Attendees should already be familiar with play piercing and basic blood play. In this class we will cover the following;

Decorating needles- What works and what doesn't

Lacing needles with fishing line or stitching line and attaching objects

Using curved needles for play, restraints, and other bondage predicaments

Electronics and needle play

Decorative stitches

This class includes a piercing kit containing a mix of straight piercing needles in different gauges, curved piercing needles, stitching supplies, practice supplies and other items. Pictures of the kit will be available at a later date. It will include most of the supplies you need to up your needle game.

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