Interview Requests

Nix will sometimes accept requests for interviews on a case by case basis. If you would like to submit a request you can use the contact form here on the Website with Interview Request in the subject line.

You must include the following to be considered;

The format of the interview- video, podcast, written, etc

the web address of where material will be accessible. 

Your time frame for the project

a reference to past and current work


Projects that will NOT be considered.

- Sensationalist TV shows that wish to portray BDSM and kink in an overly dramatic matter for reality TV. Our workshop is just that, a place of work. There are not daily orgiastic floggings occurring in it and we aren't interested in drama

-Any channels/forums with a religious basis. Any religion. 


Contracts are required for most interviews. These include Nix having final approval over all media before release. If you have a problem with that stipulation do not submit a request.