How to inquire about Custom Commissions.

I accept commissions based on the following; 

The request is something I actually make

You can provide me with enough information about what you want that I feel comfortable that I can meet your expectations. I like CLEAR and SPECIFIC directives. I do not like ambiguous requests and this is the most common reason I turn orders away.

I have the availability and interest.

How to inquire- Send an email to Nix at with the info listed below. Do not send messages with vague info asking if I'm interested or open. 


I need the following info included in your email. 


A- Type of flogger/toy you are looking for. Flogger? Cat O Nine? Restraints?

B- Colors. If you have seen a specific leather we use then include screen shots of it. Keep in mind some leathers are limited editions and may be long sold out.

C- Leather types. Different leathers have different feels. You can learn more about this in our FAQ and Kinky Leather Guide.

D- Any reference photos, whether it be of things I have made in the past or style references you have found elsewhere. NOTE- I will not recreate another designers creation. I am happy to make things that are generic styles (IE a Bulldog Harness) but I will not copy another makers products.

D- The date you need the item by. The current turn around time is listed at the top of the shop website. If you need your item sooner rush fees may apply or we may not be able to take your order if we are booked full during that time frame.

We welcome questions about our products and are happy to make some recommendations on a piece, but please have most of the above figured out. If you are uncertain then I recommend browsing our shop or Instagram for ideas. 


Headdresses and Costume Pieces

A- What kind of item you're looking for; Headdress, armor, other and how many of the items you will need.

B- Colors and design. If its for a specific item I make in a custom colorway then a link or screenshot is best. If you want electronics like lights or sensors included in the outfit please mention that here. 

C- If you're looking for custom conceptual design this may require a nonrefundable deposit in order to send you digital mockups. I require a design/mood board, reference photos, etc.

D- The date to you need the items by. THIS DATE SHOULD BE WELL AHEAD OF YOUR PERFORMANCE/EVENT DATE. It is the clients job to take into account things like rehearsals, travel, shipping delays, etc. Orders are frequently delivered on the day agreed upon, not before. If you come to me after the order is placed saying you actually need it three days before because thats when the bus leaves then rush fees will apply. I do not cancel or refund orders because of a scheduling mistake on the clients part. 

Things to keep in mind when ordering costume pieces-

White will most likely increase the price, especially with feather headdresses. White feathers are 3x the price of regular feathers. Some leather items, such as armor and claw gauntlets, are NOT available in white for any price.

Electronics will also significantly increase the cost of a piece due to requiring custom wiring and coding. For pieces that use replaceable batteries, we do not provide extra batteries.

What NOT TO DO when placing a custom order;

1- Do not come to me with no idea what you want and tell me you just "want me to use my creativity" or that you "trust my artistry" or something along those lines. If you want a custom piece you need to make some decisions about what that is. Otherwise, if I create something and you don't like it then both of us are unhappy, and there are no refunds or exchanges on custom work. It leaves both of us in a very awkward situation. If you want to purchase something I made in my own artistic style those pieces are available in the shop.

2- We do not provide "updates" or progress photos on orders. Emails are sent out when an item ships and it includes tracking info. Another email is sent when the item is delivered.

3- Custom orders do require full payment up front. If for some reason we cannot complete your order you will be refunded.

4- We do not do order pickups from our shop under any circumstances. We also do not bring orders to shows we are vending at. 

To start your custom order email me at