Custom Commissions are currently closed. Please join our mailing list to receive a notification when they reopen.

How to place a custom commission (when slots reopen)

All custom orders are done through email. Please send the following information when contacting me about a custom commission;

A- The type of flogger/headdress/item you would like. If you're looking for a flogger I need to know if you want a standard flogger, mop flogger, thumper, finger floggers, etc

B- Colors and leather types. Tell me what colors you would like the handles and tails to be if the item is a flogger. If it is a headdress include your color palette and theme. If you're not sure what kind of leather you want used in your flogger please see our Flogger FAQ for descriptions of leathers.

C- Any reference photos, whether it be of things I have made in the past or style references you have found elsewhere. NOTE- I will not recreate another designers creation. I am happy to make things that are generic styles (IE a Bulldog Harness) but I will not copy another makers products.

D- The date you need the item by. Keep in mind our Minimum turn around is 4-6 weeks. This can be much longer in the summer. Sometimes rush orders are available but they will incur a fee.

We welcome questions about our products and are happy to make some recommendations on a piece, but please have most of the above figured out. If you are uncertain then I recommend browsing our shop or Instagram for ideas. 

What NOT TO DO when placing a custom order;

1- Do not come to me with no idea what you want and tell me you just "want me to use my creativity" or that you "trust my artistry" or something along those lines. If you want a custom piece you need to make some decisions about what that is. Otherwise, if I create something and you don't like it then both of us are unhappy, and there are no refunds or exchanges on custom work. It leaves both of us in a very awkward situation. If you want to purchase something I made in my own artistic style those pieces are available in the shop.

2- We do not provide "updates" or progress photos on orders. You will receive an email order confirmation when the order is placed, and an email shipment notification with tracking when the order ships. If your turn around date passes we encourage you to contact us, but please don't message us 2 weeks in asking for an update. Sorry, but if we have to stop to update everyone on their order every week then nothing gets made.

3- Please don't contact us for quotes on custom work until you think you are very close to being ready to purchase. If we can't make what you had in mind then we will let you know up front, but spending hours emailing a customer that doesn't plan on purchasing for months wastes both of our time. Leathers go in and out of stock and are subject to price changes. The quote we give you today may not be viable in 2 months.You can see price ranges of our pieces in the shop to get a rough idea of what different types of floggers cost.

4. We are always happy to have customers visit our booth at events, but we will not bring a custom piece to you at an event. Every inch of space in our luggage is needed for vending stock when we vend at shows and carrying pieces that have already been sold decreases our ability to make a profit at the show. We pay a lot of money to be there, so we hope you understand. If you want a piece by a certain event be sure to let us know when you order so we can ship it to you in time.

To start your custom order email me at