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DIY Flogger Making Kit

DIY Flogger Making Kit

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 Want to make your own leather flogger for some kinky crafting fun?


We will cover how to create a flogger using our kit. The kit provides all the leather you will need to make one flogger. When you purchase the kit an email will be sent to you with a download link and instructions on how to access the tutorial video and page.

This is an in flux item made in batches. Sometimes they will ship in the In Stock turn around time, sometimes they will ship in the Made to Order turn around time. See the top of the website for what those are. 

Many resources are provided for you to expand your leatherwork and flogger making as well if you would like to get experimental!

You can choose the color of your handle in the dropdown. The flogger tails will be black. Plum color is no longer available. We do not currently sell custom color kits.

Purchasing from this page does NOT get you access to the LIVE Online class. Please see our other listings for LIVE class access. You will receive a link to the instructional video and all the necessary info to complete the kit.

This kit is for personal use only. You do not have permission to distribute or reuse our method or patterns for commercial sale. You agree to these terms upon purchase. 

 The tutorial video is not available to those who have not purchased the kit.


 Included in the Kit-

All the leather needed to make one flogger

One dowel rod 

Upholstery nails


All of the tools and adhesives you will need are listed below. You will need to have these in order to complete the class. They are not included in the kit.


Leather glue

Gorilla glue

Tools Needed;

Cutting Mat (or a surface you don’t care about)

Rotary blade

Sharp shears

Micro needle nose pliers


Silver gel pen/silver sharpie/tailor’s chalk (one of these)

Rubber mallet or rawhide mallet

Rubber bands



Finisher for leather handle- Leather Balm

We cannot do color changes once an order is placed. All sales on kits are final. We are not responsible for late shipment or reshipment charges if given the incorrect address, an undeliverable address or incorrect name. 

By purchasing this kit you are purchasing the kit only. Access to the tutorial page and video is provided as a courtesy. If the video, link, or passcode is shared without our permission your access will be revoked without a refund. 

This kit is for personal use only. You do not have permission to distribute or reuse our method or patterns for commercial sale. You agree to these terms upon purchase.  


When will my kit arrive?

It could ship in the In Stock time frame or the longer in the Made to Order time frame. They're made in batches. See the top of the website for current turn around times. *note- repeatedly emailing me asking when you will get your kit may result in your order being cancelled.

Can I purchase just the tutorial and use my own leather?

No. The tutorial does not include things like the dimensions of each leather piece, weights, or required tempers and so it will not help you without the kit. No, I'm not willing to argue about it. If you were able to figure those things out on your own you wouldn't need the tutorial either.

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