Q. I ordered an item to wear/have for an event. Will it get to me in time?
A. The turn around time for orders is listed in the item description, shop policies, and in the order confirmation email. If your event is outside that time frame (I would extend by a week to be safe) then you should be fine. It is best to send me a message before ordering to ask and/or let me know your need by date.

Q. Do you have a storefront I can come to look at your items in person?

A. My shop is no longer open to the public. You can find me vending at various locations around Los Angeles. 

Q. I am local in Los Angeles, Can I pick up my order?

A. No. Sorry, but my shop is closed to the public, even for pickups. All items must ship, and to be honest, shipping will get it to you quicker than trying to pencil you in around my schedule. Pickups can easily add months to your receiving your item.

Q. My event falls short of the turn around time. What do I do?
Send me a message ASAP. Some orders will require a rush fee to meet nearby dates. If I am no longer accepting rush orders in time for your need by date or the date is too soon in coming for your item to be ready, I am sorry but I do not cancel orders outside the 24 hour grace period. 

Q.I am purchasing my first flogger. What do I need to know?
A. Please see my flogger FAQ on my blog- http://firebirdleather.com/flogger-faq/

Q. Why is your turn around time so long? What is your turn around time?
A.My current turn around time is always listed in the shop policies and item descriptions. It is also a soft turn around time, meaning that sometimes the turn around time can be a few days to a week longer than listed. If you need an item by a certain day please send me a message so I can note it in your order. I make all items in the order that they are placed. It doesn't actually take me a month to make any single item, there are just that many people ahead of you.

Q. Do you do rush orders?
A. Yes and Sometimes. If I have remaining openings for rush orders then I can accept rush orders for an added fee. My busiest months are July through October and it is not uncommon for all slots to fill up and lead to me turning away orders.

Q. Can I get an update or progress shot of my order?
A. No. If you send me a message asking this you will get a canned response with the turn around time. I understand that some makers do this, but I don't do progress shots on an item unless its something I would document for my blog, which are usually highly customized and unique orders. My reason for this is many orders are made in batches or within the span of a few hours. Slowing down to take photos and email them for every client is too time-consuming. If you place an order for a flogger and ask me two weeks in how it's going the answer is that I haven't started it yet. I will start it when it comes in the order queue and it will be finished within a day.

Q. Can I borrow an item for a photo shoot/ film project?
A. No. I do not do rentals, and I do not lend pieces in exchange for promises of photos.

Q. I needed this item in time for this event, but didn't read the turn around time and didn't contact you in time to get a rush order. Why can't I cancel my order, it hasn't shipped so why is it a big deal?

A. I will not cancel orders after the 24 hour grace period because once your order is placed I allocate time for it in the shop which means I turn down work that I would have otherwise said yes to for that time. I order and set aside supplies and deactivate listings when needed. It's the equivalent of hiring someone to do a job, have them tell all other work that they are unavailable for that time, and then at the last minute telling them Nevermind, I don't need you anymore and you're not getting paid.


Q. I have an idea for this custom item. Can you give me a quote?

A. It depends. The first thing is if your item is something I even do. If you're looking for a cloth costume, the answer is no. I work only in leather, feathers, fur, and metal scales. The second thing is do you actually know what you want? I need specific examples, reference pics, colors, time frames. If you don't have these things then my answer is probably no. I'm not going to design an idea for you. The third thing is are you a good customer? This means do you understand that custom work is expensive, that changes made after the order is placed will add to the cost, understand that multiple fittings might be required and that it takes a long time to get all this done? Are you also going to trust that I know more about my craft than you do? If any of the answers to those things is no, then I am not your leatherworker.