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Red Suede Flogger- Made to Order

Red Suede Flogger- Made to Order

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Red Suede Traditional Handle Flogger

  • length of tails = 20"
  • 8" handle
  • steel handle core

People often think of suede as something different from leather, but it is actually just a different type of leather. It makes great floggers for its softness and balanced sensation. It's a goldilocks leather with not too much thud and not too much sting.

Suede, commonly referred to among leatherworkers as a split, is a layer of leather that has been sliced from the hide like a slice of deli meat would be sliced. Leather hides are very thick and part of the tanning process is to slice them to a useable thinness. These underside layers are "fuzzy" on both sides like the flesh side of a regular piece of leather. They hold vibrant dyes very well and the thicker types of suede, like the cowhide suede used here, make great floggers.

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