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Black and Red Bison Flogger, Size Large- In Stock

Black and Red Bison Flogger, Size Large- In Stock

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This piece is made with some nice soft temper bison hide that comes from a native owned tannery here in the US. It's pliable and smooth with a good body. It is mostly thud with a touch of sting.

This is a 4/5 oz hide, so a touch light than my usual bison. I would recommend it for medium intensity play.

These are Large size floggers with 22 inch tails.


*my flogger sizes roughly go as follows. These can sometimes change depending on the weight and type of leather but this is a rough guide for traditional floggers

Small- 8 inch handle with 18 inch tails

Medium- 8 inch handle with 20 tails

Large - 8 inch handle with 22 tails

XL - 10 inch handle with 24 inch tails


** wild hunted game leathers such as deer, elk, bison, and buffalo can have scars and marks. All of our items are handmade and we check every piece of the hide for strength and integrity. Deep marks are discarded. Only marks that do not compromise the hide will be allowed, but they do exist. Honor the animal by understanding it led a life that left marks.


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