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Blue Suede Finger Floggers- In Stock

Blue Suede Finger Floggers- In Stock

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Finger Floggers are great choices for people with wrist or shoulder injuries who find traditional handles to be uncomfortable. They work best with a fluid and momentum driven flogging style. Great for long scenes where conserving the tops energy is important, as well as smaller play spaces. 

This set is made from royal blue suede. So what is suede? 

Suede, commonly referred to among leatherworkers as a split, is a layer of leather that has been sliced from the hide like a slice of deli meat would be sliced. Leather hides are very thick and part of the tanning process is to slice them to a useable thinness. These underside layers are "fuzzy" on both sides like the flesh side of a regular piece of leather. They hold vibrant dyes very well and the thicker types of suede, like the cowhide suede used here, make great floggers. 

The tails on these are 18 inches long. The handles are loops of latigo leather with metal swiveling clasp attachments. These are sold as a pair and the price is for both.

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