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Chocolate Deerskin Flogger- In Stock

Chocolate Deerskin Flogger- In Stock

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Deerskin is highly prized in floggers for its softness and durability. Its a strong leather that will outlast you when properly cared for. Deer has a sensual thuddy sensation with very little sting. It is great for sensation play, warm ups, and light impact. 

These floggers have tri-color handles braided in bronze, gold, and silver. They have steel cores and are balanced. Each has 20 inch tails and an 8 inch handle. These floggers are weighted for balance.

All of our floggers are handmade in our studio and we have specialized in making high quality floggers for over 16 years. We source our hides from reputable tanneries and many of our leathers are custom made just for Firebird Leather. 


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