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Purple Nubuck Thumper- In Stock

Purple Nubuck Thumper- In Stock

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Thumpers are the kings of thuddy. They pack a punch with a nice penetrating hit when used to their full potential. I recommend these for medium to heavy intensity play.

This thumper has nubuck tails with a slightly stiff temper. Nubuck is a top grain leather which has been buffed to have the soft nap of a suede but retains the grain strength. 

People tend to compare these toys to cat o nine tails due to the slight visual resemblance, but they are anything but. While cat o nine tails tend to fall on the sting side of the spectrum, thumpers have very little sting and are built for thud. 

Handle- 8 inches, Tails- 20 inches in total length.

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