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Rainbow Galaxy Mop Floggers- Made to Order

Rainbow Galaxy Mop Floggers- Made to Order

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Rainbow Galaxy Mop Finger Floggers! 

A mop flogger is a flogger that has twice the tails of a normal flogger. For us this means 60+ tails. Theyre heavier than standard floggers and have more weight and heft. This puts them on the thuddy side with a deeper impact.

The tails on these are 18 inches long. The metal clasp is a swivel and the finger loops are latigo leather. These are sold in PAIRS. The price is for 2 floggers. 

The rainbow galaxy leather is NOT a glitter. The rainbow flecks cannot flake off, or infect your space with glitter. They are tanned into the leather and are part of it. They are a foil laminate print, not glitter. 

We use heavy cowhide suede. Suede is kind of confusing to people due to the word suede also being used to describe upholstery fabrics. This is inaccurate.

Suede is a leather. It is what we call a split or a layer of leather that has been shaved off from the flesh side of a thick hide. They are prized for the soft nap on both sides of the leather. Suede is a soft, touchable leather with good body and is a client favorite for floggers.

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