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Sea Urchin Ball Handled Floggers

Sea Urchin Ball Handled Floggers

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These ball handles have real sea urchin shells (technically called tests) embedded in clear resin handles. They are tinted a lovely green with white dots and circles. The resin magnifies them a little bit to give you a very up-close look. They're way cooler in person than in my lame photos.

The tails are made with a mix of lambskin, goatskin, and suede. They're on the light and luxurious side and would be great for sensation play, warm-ups, and light flogging. The tails are 18 inches long. 

Ball handle floggers are great for people who find traditional handles to be difficult on their wrists. They work best with a more fluid throwing style that relies on continuous momentum. 

All of my floggers are made by hand in my shop in Los Angeles. These are sold by the pair and the price is for both.

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