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The Crystal King Headdress

The Crystal King Headdress

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The Crystal King is the counterpart to the Crystal Queen Headdress. Both headdresses are unisex. (They're just names, guys.) This one features two sets of horns, both covered in rhinestones. The crystals emerging from the headdress are translucent and lit from within with lights. You can also just leave the lights off and enjoy the white and silver crystals. 

The crystals and horns are 3D printed just for this headdress and every single one is made individually. They are all slightly different and unique.

The headdress is worn with a leather harness that is adjustable to most head sizes. The base of the headdress is slightly flexible for a snug fit. The lights in the headdress can be left on a single color or switched to different modes which flash, sparkle, fade or slow burn the lights through the rainbow or just one one color. The battery pack requires 3 AA batteries and they last about 12 hours before starting to grow dim.

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