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Three of Swords

Three of Swords

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This one bites.

The concept of this set is about personal responsibility, authenticity, and integrity. The handles of each of the toys is covered in tiny spikes. If you're confident in your grip, and have a solid technique with real control, they'll work well for you. If not, they'll rip you up.

Not for beginners. Not for anyone not willing to put in the work. Each toy in this kit is a back breaker.

The first is a spiked strap. The spikes are metal and heavy.

The second is a scorpion with a stingray hide tip. Stingray is a very intense hide and can cut easily.

The next is a heavy beaded cat o nine with metal vertebrae on the ends

The next is a heavy latigo leather. Latigo is particularly stiff and thick. This can cut at the right speed.

The next is a weighted wide tail flogger. Each tail has heavy bras pyramids set into it.

The case is made of wood covered in scale embossed leather. The inside has motion activated re chargeable lights. The flogger holders are leather straps ( a change from some previous photos on social media)

The case is 25x15x6

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