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Black and Purple Suede Thumper- Made to Order

Black and Purple Suede Thumper- Made to Order

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The tassel tail looks much more intimidating than it actually is. These floggers give a really great "thuddy" sensation that can be compared to a shiatsu massage. The impact point of these floggers is not in the knots but the tassels themselves.

They are great for tops who are just learning the art of flogging since the weight at the end of the tails helps a person know just where the tips of the tails are. For tops who do very long scenes these floggers are great because they carry their momentum well, giving you more impact for your effort. 

While the tassel tails are unusual, they are our hottest sellers at shows since once people try them out they absolutely love them. Suede has a soft touch with a good balance between thud and sting.

I make all of my floggers by hand in my studio. They have steel cores and are balanced.

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