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Black and Red Bison Finger Floggers- In Stock

Black and Red Bison Finger Floggers- In Stock

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Bison is a step up in intensity from deer and elk. It has a soft temper and a smooth finish. It falls on the thuddy side. I would recommend this set for medium intensity play.

The tails are 18 inches long. The loop handles are Latigo leather with metal hardware. The clasp has a swivel.

*This Bison hide is sourced from an indigenous owned tannery in the US. It comes from a wild animal. Hides can have marks and scars. All of my pieces are handmade and each piece of leather I cut is inspected for scars that will compromise the strength of the leather. If it's deep, it's thrown out. If it's surface level, it's used. Honor the animal by understanding it led a life that left marks.

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