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Black and Silver Waterbuffalo Flogger- Made to Order

Black and Silver Waterbuffalo Flogger- Made to Order

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If you're looking for a step up in intensity from deer, elk, and velvet this is the next level up. This hide is custom-made for us in a small-batch tannery in France. It has a silver base with black tipping along its textures. It has a smooth touch with a dense temper. 

 I rate this piece for medium to high-intensity play. 

Select your preferred tail length. If you are new at flogging the size of a flogger (the entire piece, handle and tails) should be no longer than your arm. This is a good place to start; your skill improves length will matter less. Shorter does not equal "safer" or "easier".

Short- 8 inch handle with 18 inch tails

Medium 8 inch handle with 20 inch tails

Large 10 inch handle with 22 inch tails

XL 10 inch handle with 24 inch tails


For other lengths please shoot us an email.

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