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Black and Teal Fluffinator- Made to Order

Black and Teal Fluffinator- Made to Order

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The Fluffinator is a faux fur flogger that packs a massive punch. While it looks perfectly innocent this fur flogger tantalizes the skin with its soft, silky tails all the while hiding a hardcore secret. The tails of this flogger are weighted at the ends with steel shot making this an extremely heavy piece.

This fur flogger is not for the faint of heart or for those looking for a piece for sensation play, this flogger is extremely heavy and wields a massive thuddy hit. To quote a customer, it is "Soft and fluffy in an OMG OUCH! kind of way"

The Fluffinator has 7 tails approx 18 inches long, the handle is 8 inches long.

To clean the fluffinator you can handwash the tails with water and a bit of laundry detergent. Hang the flogger upside down to dry or with all the tails spread out. Make sure the inside of the bunch gets air to avoid mold. I recommend only washing the tails if they're actually dirty, it doesn't need to be done to maintain the fur.

The handle is leather can be cleaned just like any other flogger. Be careful not to get the handle too wet while cleaning the tails.

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