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Black Cherry Bison Floggers- Made to Order

Black Cherry Bison Floggers- Made to Order

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The black cherry bison is some of my favorite leathers because of how beautiful it is. The grain is relieved in red over black notes with fuschia and oxblood pull up. It is rarely available in a weight suitable for floggers and even at this weight these babies pack a PUNCH. 

These floggers are heavy and the tails are dense with their wax finish and pack a good amount of thud and sting. I would recommend these for heavy play.

The handles are braided in a metallic blood red with a black undertone. The knots are laced with ruby goatskin. The cores of these floggers are steel and while they are balanced the balance point rides a little low at the top of the bottom knot.

All of my BDSM gear is made by hand in my studio in Los Angeles.


These are sold individually. If you would like 2 then place 2 in your cart if available.

*Currently Made to Order*

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