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Chameleon Leather Floggers- In Stock

Chameleon Leather Floggers- In Stock

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The leather used in these floggers is a gorgeous metallic leather that is tanned specifically for us at one of our favorite tanneries in Italy, the home of some of the best tanneries in the world. It reflects the colors around it and the colors shift beautifully in the light.

These floggers have steel cores and are balanced.  The tails are 20 inches long, the handle is 8 inches long. These floggers are sold individually. If you want a pair please add two to your cart. I would rate these as great for light to medium intensity play.

This leather, in particular, is sourced from a tannery that practices eco-friendly tanning and sourcing for their hides. *Note- I call the leather chameleon leather for its color shifting properties, it is not made from chameleons.

All of our floggers are handmade in our studio and we have specialized in making high quality floggers for over 16 years. We source our hides from reputable tanneries and many of our leathers are custom made just for Firebird Leather. 

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