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Claw Ring Talons For Sensation Play or Cosplay

Claw Ring Talons For Sensation Play or Cosplay

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Beautiful Claw Ring Talons with Skull and Filigree designs

Sensation play is one of the most underrated types of BDSM play. It can be used to add elements of tension and anticipation in a scene. 

These claw rings are 3D printed from a biodegradable plastic that can be adjusted to size. They are very pointy and can leave deep scratches, but are not as sharp as a knife. You can clean them using most antibacterial and antiviral soaps or sprays. 

Three colors are available. Dead gold is black with a gold dusting in it. Oblivion is a slate grey with a silver dusting in it. Black is a plain flat black.

Large and small claw rings are available, but you can adjust the size of your ring using the following steps.

Boil some water

Dip the ring portion of the claw (not the point) in the hot water until it becomes malleable. 

Pull it out of the water and wait until it cools enough that it won't burn you, place it on the desired finger and squeeze or stretch to size.

Note- When you take the claw out of the water it should be bendable but not so soft that it is melted. If it is too warm simply wait till it cools.


Different sets are available with different quantities and sizes. See the drop-down for the options. These claws have a 5-7 business day shipping time.


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