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Claw Rings and Necromancer Box - Special Edition

Claw Rings and Necromancer Box - Special Edition

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Claws. #kinktok #k!nktok #primal #skulls #darkfashion #makersgonnamake

Nix (@firebirdleather) has created a short video on TikTok with music sonido original. | Claws. #kinktok #k!nktok #primal #skulls #darkfashion #makersgonnamake | Claws. Available Sept 19th in the Private Collection. You must be signed up for the newsletter for the code

This set of necro claw rings comes with a box to keep them all in. They are hand painted to give a bit more depth to their design. 

These claws are 3D printed and can be cleaned with most antibacterial and antiviral cleansers. They are sharp, but not razorlike.

This set includes 5 of the large size and 5 of the medium size. All sizes can be molded to your fingers. Boil some water in a kettle and pour it in a cup. Submerge the ring half of the claw and let the water warm it until it is malleable, then form to your finger. Be careful not to bend the claw. 

I will be adding other sets of these to the regular shop next week. They will not be painted and will not come with a box so they will be much less expensive and you will be able to chose your color and mix and match sizes. This set had a lot of attention that went into it, which is why its here in the PC.

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