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Demoness Horns- In Stock

Demoness Horns- In Stock

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Comfortable medium sized costume horns. They are great for a painting project or to be used as is. They attach using an adjustable elastic strap. We do not use hard headbands as they don't hold the horns as securely and are harder to hide under a wig or hair. The horns can be moved up and down the bands so that you can position them perfectly on your own head according to your head size. The horns are padded on the bottom.

In stock and ships in 3-5 business days.

These horns are sold as a base for you to do what you like with them! They're ready for paint. Note that 3D prints do have some layers lines and tiny rough spots. This is perfectly normal. If you want a very smooth base I recommend using a paintable primer made for plastic to use as a sanding base. Sanding bare plastic is not recommended. Acrylic paint sticks the horns easily.

All 3D printed items have marks from the way they are made. These marks and lines are small and not very noticeable. They are as shown in the photos. Please understand this when purchasing any 3D printed products. If you need horns to be perfectly smooth and have no marks, these are not the horns for you.
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