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Dragon Slayer Headdress- Black feather headdress with ram horns and dragon skull

Dragon Slayer Headdress- Black feather headdress with ram horns and dragon skull

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The DragonSlayer headdress is one of the largest headdresses I make. It is between 18 and 20 inches at its fullest height and the ram horns have a 10 inch curl width to them. The feathers are black with some silver layers. The horns are silver with black and dark silver antiquing for depth.

The dragon skull and horns are 3d printed and reinforced with resin.

The leather harness is adjustable so that the headdress can be worn by any adult head size. There are two straps, both can either go behind the head or one can go behind the head and one under the chin depending on what is more comfortable for you.

All of my headdresses are handmade in my studio in Los Angeles.

Our headdresses ship in a LARGE box to properly protect them. Make sure your address can receive large packages before ordering. This item is made to order and takes 4 to 6 weeks to ship.

Packing- headdresses can be packed in suitcases as long as it is done carefully. Horned headdresses will probably need a suitcase to themselves. The feathers do bend but the horns and skull should be padded and protected. Pack it tightly in soft items with nothing in the case to knock against it during transport.

Cleaning- Do not clean headdresses with water. To get dust and dirt out we recommend compressed air or a hair dryer on cool. To refluff feathers use a steamer to steam the feathers ( a steaming tea kettle can work too). This only needs to be done if the feathers are looking wilted. Do not expose the headdress to extreme heat or leave it in a hot car.

We have 13 years of experience in making head pieces for costume enthusiasts and performers alike. We do bulk orders for performance groups and tours. Send us a message here or to for inquiry.

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