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Empress Fantasy Headdress

Empress Fantasy Headdress

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Let your enemies know what's up right away.

This headdress is big. The halo of weapons extends out about 17 inches. The filigree crown holds them aloft and is flanked by two large curling horns decorated with hanging beads. Every weapon is individually painted and the bars holding them aloft are steel. The weapons and the filigree crown are 3 dimensional on both sides so the headdress looks just as good from the back as it does from the front.
The headband base is covered in black rhinestones. The horns are resin cast and filled with foam to make them lightweight. This headdress is sturdy and built for wear.

The headband can be bent to adjust for size and there are adjustable elastic straps for added stability. The bottom of the headdress is padded for comfort as is the back of the crown that goes across the forehead.

This headdress is made with a combination of 3D printing and resin casting. It weighs around 2 pounds. It does not contain any animal products but is made in a studio that works with leather. All of our headdresses are designed and made in our studio in Los Angeles.
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